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Charity work clouds care, Inspire and private investors

Charity work clouds care, Inspire care and other private investors

Over the last 4 years we at Cloud’s Children’s care have been coordinating projects in other countries. The idea came from Manjit’s son going to Cambrigde university to do mathematics and then going onto doing a master. He used his experience of being a 2nd generation immigrant and being given education to study and then work and have the opportunity to set up charities in Nottingham city to help substance misuse addicts. This led him to work for the NHS and Local Authorities in London and East Midlands giving his skills to set up projects to help disadvantaged people in hard to reach communities.

Then in 2015 his first children’s home was register with OFSTED and this gave him the opportunity to use profits to help others in groups funding charities in the UK then the idea to help with education projects in other countries so Manjit asked Yasser at Inspire children’s care limited and other private investors to support him with donations. The first school in Kashmir was set up after long time of issues political ones and drawback but we succeeded in offering a education and laptops for the children.

Now in 2021 the first project in Brazil to give local children education in English, yoga and Brazilian jujitsu is being set up. Bright Futures NGO is being set up to offer education, Yoga classes and training on how to become an entrepreneur with future subjects being planned. This all started from the idea of education of his own experience and Manjit’s son going to Cambridge university and now offering children in other countries where education is lacking to help promote skills turn power change through education

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